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12 thoughts on “Get in Touch!

  1. Praying and thinking about you Alex! Do your thing and have a great time. I will keep in touch. Looking cute as ever.

    Yolanda McCoy

  2. Hi Alex,

    This is Keshia Walker saying hello, doll! Hope things are great where you are? Where are you again? Ha ha….Miss you bringing in the eats with your beautiful family. God bless you and stay safe okay! Respond when you can too…..:) Much love

  3. You go girl!! You are doing it to the max! I am going along with you vicariously, so I you have to keep me in the loop! So I am a follower.

  4. Hey Alex, i’ve enjoyed reading your blog and underastanding the feelings you have about hair. You are like the butterfly and the many stages that it goes through to become the beauty that it is. love you!

  5. Hi Alex,

    Good luck with your travels and study of a complex and controversial subject within our very diverse culture. Personally I feel hair is an expression of artistry and creativity. When I wear my various forms of hair I feel liberated and excited. Change and reinvention has always felt good to me.

  6. loving the blog alex! i was very interested in the section on beauty norms. was there any convo about colonialism?
    i hope you are able to travel around a bit before you are off to south africa. wishing you all the best!

  7. Hi

    How are you?

    I’ve gone to same temple palani & captured many women head shaves from past 3-4 years.

    You should be contacted me.. I could be guided you.

    About Palani Temple: If you go on normal days, there wont be any crowd.. if u be there on sunday.. there’s a chance to see women head shave.. not in other days.. Palani temple is famous for Thaipusam & Pankuni Uthiram Festivals.. Thaipusam date will be usually on january last week or february 1st week. thaipusam 2012 festival date i can say after getting 2012 calender.. not yet released..

    in palani during thaipusam & pankuni uthiram festivals, tonsure halls will be opened 24 hours for 2 days.. there will be much crowd from december & january.. lord muruga born on karthigai tamil month (starting from today).. so the devotees would conduct fasting… many would go by walk to palani..its sad that guy subramani didnt inform you that you’ve no need to climb thro’ stairs.. there you can use rope cars for to reach the hill.

    if you go on karthigai deepam or peria karthigai festival (december 8 2011), u can see crowd there in palani.. but if u go on thaipusam day.. everyday minimum 800-1000 women would shave in each tonsure hall.. more than 100,000 peoples would visit the temple on thaipusam & pankuni uthiram festivals.

    especially in this tonsure hall so many would shave during thaipusam & pankuni uthiram festivals..; you’re mentioned barbers were resting in this place..but if u be on thaipusm festival, there will be 300 barbers in same tonsure hall.. u can’t walk.. so much crowd will be there.. & also the tonsure hall where the old woman getting shave.. that tonsure hall is called shanmuga nathi.. it is 5-10 mins travel away from palani temple. there also so many would shave on thaipusam & pankuni uthiram festivals.

    8 tonsure halls there.. at palani when u are nearby tonsure hall you would be heard the announcement in tamil, malayalam . they’ll ask to shave at temple tonsure halls only & also would mention where the tonsure halls are located.

    palani is pretty famous for women hair tonsure.. the 2nd largest hair tonsure temple.. tirupathi is 1st.. i’ve captured women head shave in various temples in tamil nadu. i’m also a tamil guy. have a look at my youtube channel.

    for your information.. it is konjam konjam tamil theriyum & not cogam cogam Tamil terium (very very little Tamil).. there’s no such word ‘cogam’ in tamil. & for your information i am from madurai, tamil nadu..i am also a hair merchant.. would purchase hairs from village barbers & would take temple hair contracts.

    hair price is very much costly. in palani the temple hair contract price is Rs.30 million minimum.. so nobody has taken hair contract.. that subramanyam must be one of the hair merchant / contractor like us who is living in palani.. like tirupathi, palani temple is appointed barbers & workers for to collect the hairs.. when a woman going to shave, these workers would make 2 knots on their head & after shave would collect & store the hairs.. palani temple offering free dharsan of god to the women devotees who tonsure their hair.. they’ll give tickets to the bald women.. while shaving a woman’s head, barber would give the ticket to her.. by this way temple is collecting hairs & store in a large godown.. the hair contractors would purchase hairs length & weight viz they want.

    About velankanni temple:
    you’ve to be there on the month of september. 9 days festival.. if u be there on those days can see many women head shave. if u want to find more women headshave, you’ve to visit the temples on festival days.. not on other days. lord muruga has total 6 temples in tamil nadu.. i can give more details if you want.

    couldn’t find your email address. posting comment.. after reading you may delete.

    have a nice day!

  8. Hi alex
    Your are a hair engineer.u speak hair and mo’hair,your blogs
    mould aspirations, define conquests, drive passions, and heighten awareness so as t
    o enrich lives.and understanding about hair what means I’ve now fallen
    In love with my dreadlocks

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