House Hunting DR Style

Like all things Caribbean, time seems to be of no real importance to the inhabitants of the Dominican Republic. However, with a view of the beautiful Caribbean sea, and Rum & Coke’s greeting you upon arrival at the SDQ airport, can you really blame them? I have been here 3 weeks, and am definitely learing how to live life at a slower place. WHile I’ve been taking it easy, and adjusting to life in the capital, today marks the 1 week anniversary of living in my very own APARTMENT!!! I know I ahve been off in the world for a while now, but this move of renting my own, single bedroom, bachelorette pad in the middle of the Zona Universitaria seems like one of the most important “adult” decisions I’ve made in my 23 years. So while you all can’t come and visit me here, I’ll virtually invite you all into my home!

Welcome to my kitchen, a vital room to the single ladies lounge!

Yummm, homemade Tacos in my kitchen!

Hallway with full length mirror to the right- perfect for that last minute outfit checkup before I head out the door!

As you can see, just enough room for one!

As Outkast said, “ain’t nobody dope as me I’m just so fresh and clean!”

Besides my fab living quarters, complete with wifi, a laundry facility, cable TV, and utilities included, I’ve been hitting the streets searching out more Indian hair sellers, and salons! More to come on the hair adventure soon!


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