MHP- Melissa Harris-Perry & Black Hair Today

Recently, I found a new show that is not only anchored by a black, but she is rocking her kinky twists with lots of flare and style! the MHP (Melissa Harris-Perry Show) on MSNBC titled Nerdland (I think, but don’t hold me to it…) is still in int’s infancy, but last week made a huge splash in the Black hair world with it’s panel discussion on not only the Politics of Black Hair, but also, how Black hair matters to the younger generation, and society, the business behind Black hair care, and, a highlight of memorable moments in Black hair.

Below I have posted the 4 video clips from the MSNBC website. (sorry, I edited the links, and I promise they work this time!) I hope you all have the chance to watch. Then afterwards, please comment on what you have seen. I would love to start a discussion on the implications of Black hair, and your opinions on what these 4 panel members had to say!

The Politics of Black Hair:

How Black Hair Matters:

There’s Big Business in Black Hair:

The “Great Moments” in Black Hair:

Enjoy the Clips, and can’t wait to interact through the comments!


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